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Our Motto: St. Constantin Hospital, Healthcare Excellence


Our mission is to provide patients with the best care available today, with focus on every patient's individual needs, in a safe and comfortable environment.



We aim to offer an impeccable service with outstanding professional skills and cutting-edge technology, representing "Healthcare Excellence".

We want to set a benchmark for medical services in Romania, by promoting excellent medical practice and implementing innovative technologies.

We treat every patient as the most important and we will direct our energy to preventing, diagnosing, treating and providing medical care at international standards, improving quality of life for our patients.


  • Our Patient Comes First:our patients' needs are our priority and we seek the best solutions to provide quality services that exceed expectations. We want our patients to feel they are in good hands and that they have all the necessary support. We pay special attention to our patients' satisfaction, their needs and their rights, as well as to the safety of the medical act.
  • Continuous improvement: We constantly support staff training and individual development, as we are aware that human resources are the key to assessing performance. We are totally committed to our patients, whom we treat with professionalism, accountability and, last but not least, with pleasure. The principles that underline our team are: respect, appreciation, trust, acceptance and loyalty.
  • High Quality Standards: We focus on quality assurance and continuous improvement of our medical services. We comply with international quality standards and we continuously assess the quality of our services at all levels, starting from patient satisfaction to the high professional standards of medical care.

  • Innovation in Health Care: We pursue innovation, excellence and performance in everything we do. We innovate by introducing modern medical procedures, by adopting the latest scientific discoveries, sustained by the state-of-the art technology. We want to set a benchmark for healthcare services by promoting best practices and innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment.
St. Constantin Hospital

St. Constantin Hospital has set a benchmark for Romanian private healthcare services, offering high quality medical care.

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